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On this page I’m going to put up most of my writing so have a read and leave some coments.

For the past few weeks or so our has has been to create a news report. How my group (Olivia and I) went about it was to find out all the facts and info about a real life topic and record it in our news report. My topic was the rate of children’s deaths. I looked at multiple sites to gather my information then put in into a script. I help my partner edited and revise her script also. I think the main thing that let us Dow is our story board. It wasn’t very well done and we didn’t end up following it. Nonetheless I think our video was okay and made sense. The main thing I enjoyed was when we were Vidioing because it allowed me to take on the role as and actor pretending to be a new reporter and I really enjoy acting. I think our piece of work got to where I wanted it to be and I’m overall happy with it. On saying that though I/we could have spoken a bit louder and clearer. Whe I watched other peoples videos I was entertained by the comedy and fascinated by the effects. Over all I really enjoyed this project and hope to do something like it again soon.

Part one

“Done!” I announced, looking up at my handiwork. We’ll of course it wasn’t all mine, dad did help with the building, and the painting, and th- fine, the only thing I really did was decorating. But I was pretty dam proud of my tree house, no matter who built it. “Ready tramp” dad said, but I was already half way up the ladder. 7 story’s wasn’t much to begin with, I know. But it was a start. I could badly fit in the basket ball court, swimming pool with a 120m diving board,dog house(don’t be fooled, I had 73 stray dogs in there) and the rocket toilet. The rocket toilets the best by the way, trust me, don’t listen to dad. It’s a rocket that’s powered by, well, let’s just say your bowl movement. It goes up 300k per hour and nearly 400 story’s high before floating back down to the “bathroom.” That’s where I was heading now. “Dad!” I screamed, he appeared behind me with a grin on his face. “What” he asked innocently. “PINK” I screamed in his face, “PINK, OF ALL THE COLOURS, YOU CHOSE PINK!” Then I hugged him. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you” I said stepping back I smiled, “are you sure the boys won’t call you something like ‘pink poppy on the potty” I rolled my eyes at him. “Just cause I’m a girl who hangs around with boys doesn’t mean my favourite colour can’t be pink, and if they do make fun of me, I don’t care. Now if you will excuse me I have some ‘business’ to attended to” and with that I shut the door on his face.

Part two

It had been three weeks since I’d built the tree house, and now I was practically living in it. I’d also added a MASSIVE movie theatre with 200 reclining seats. I was in there now with robots serving me custard and cream, when the movie I was watching flickered to the news.
“A news break from channel nine, we are under attack folks, I repeat, under attack. Giant mutant frogs are taking over, I recommend staying inside, lock all your doors, close your- arrrrrrrrrrrgh!” I lost the last part as he was grabbed by a long pink thing that looked suspiciously like a tongue. “Daaaaaaad!” I screamed, shooing the robots away i made my way to the 120m diving board. Climbing up I turned 360 degrees. Before I could make out much dad’s head appeared at the top of the ladder. “Did you see the news?” I asked, although I already nap knew the answer rom his pale face, nodding he came to stand with me. We were both silent for a minute, standing searching, until, ” there!” Dad said, I looked where he was pointing and saw the most gruesome frog ever! “What are we going to?” I asked. “Don’t worry, I have a plan, go get the rocket toilet and put it under the tree house, than gather as much food as you can, as for me, I need to start drinking.” I rushed of to do what he said while watching him dive into the pool and start drinking.

10 minutes later
We were set. But I still didn’t know what we were doing. Dad was sitting on the toilet with a rope attaching him to the tree house. “Now get in the tree house and go to the dog house”
The frogs were getting closer by the second, but suddenly I heard a great flushing sound and recognised the rocket toilet. A few seconds later the whole treehouse shuddered and started to lift, I got dads idea was now, he was going to move the tree house with the rocket toilet. We were gaining altitude and I could just see the frogs below us. “Pretty cool hey,” dad appeared behind me. “Awesome” I agreed. “Now come help me with the sails” he said. Letting out the sails we stayed in the air long enough for the frogs to leave, but I kinda liked it up here, so, after restocking our food, I started drinking

Book review (Good fit book)

This is an amazing book first in its series that gives the well known message ‘don’t judge a book by a cover’

The main character is a boy named Jackson who is the coolest guy in school, well he used to be. Until he got braces. That’s when he found out the nerds whom he so frequently tormented had a secret base and were the best spy’s and unknown heros in the world. He is convinced to join the team in a race against a certain doctor jigsaw. There’s just one problem, his team mates hate him.

My favourite character is The Hyena, a beautiful 11 year old who wants nothing more than to become a professional assassin. But for now she’s stuck with doctor jigsaw kidnapping people for him. After a few encounters with The Nerds she begins to loathe them.

I recommend this book to kids of all ages and rate it an 9 out of 10.

The water challenge
My breathe came out in ragged gasps as I ran through the forest. My tormentors were close on my heels but I didn’t dare look back. The hell hounds had found my hideout a couple of hours ago and I’d been on the run since. The last time I escaped from the secret lab I was court
Within ten minutes, but this time I had planned for weeks and I was gonna give it up now.

Suddenly I was falling and stumbling down a steep hill. The splash of water made me feel numb, but I pressed on. This was actually a stroke of luck. Magical creatures couldn’t crose running water, and I had just fell into a river. I sat cross legged and just watched as the hell hounds howled in fury. A sudden memory struck me, hearing those howls last time I’d escaped, the called the guards. Scrambling up I started running again, this time following the river, this wasn’t the best idea though.

Since i was by the river the rocks were wet, and I just happened the slip over one. Clutching my head where I banged it I started to cry, this wasn’t going to well. When I took my fingers off they were bloody. The howls were getting closer, and even though I was on the other side of the river, I doubted they would be alone. All of a sudden I felt strong arms lift my up. I looked into the face of a man whom I had never met. “Help- escaped- was chased” I stuttered, and with that,I fainted in his arms.

I woke up in a house with a man sitting beside me, after rubbing my eyes I recognised him as the man I meet in the forest. “Good, your up” he said, standing. Sitting up, I looked around. His house was small, with three rooms in one, in made me wonder way he saved me. So I asked. “Why’d you rescue me” he glanced at me from his position by the stove. “After you fainted, you started saying things, memory’s dreams even, but hey we’re so innocent, so pure, that I felt obliged to help you” smiling I went and wrapped my arms around him and said,”thank you.” That was ten years ago, now I live with him and we’re expecting some company”

My feet were killing me as I jumped up and down in time to the music. Looking around I grinned, this was my first concert without my mum and I was loving it. I could have gone without the heels though. The sweet taste of meragune lingered in my mouth and my vision blurred as sweat dripped into my eyes.

Creation story’s
I think I went ok but I defiantly could have improved, I have wrote down 2 stories and I have found similar parts in both of them. I didn’t write down the third one which was the genesis story. The first two I wrote were the Egyptian creation story and the Greek creation story. In ways I could have improved were time management because although I knew the genesis story and could find similar and different parts in it I didn’t get the chance to write it down.

Hi this is Ted Opal here, commentating for the 75th game in Brazil, Botafogo is playing against Australia and we’re already into the second half. Australia is leading 17-12, but that’s what happens in Brazil when there main player pelè broke his femur, and left them without a forward. Oh would you look at that, Roberto Carlos has just got hold of the ball, he has it now!, he dodges Tim Cahill, l lines up his shot and shoots!!! It’s looks like Roberto has given his team some hope. Australia is getting crushed now as Brazil takes the World Cup.

A book called hope

I read in bed
A book called hope
That makes my heart glow
Word after word
Page after page
My eyes grow slowly wider
As i finish the chapter
The book I can barely close
because I want to keep reading
But as I near the end
My heart is content
because of the book
I read in bed


If only you knew
what secrets lay
beneath all my acting,
I would tell you
but I am afraid
that all our friendship will fall,
as we sit together
I dont think
that I can keep it any longer
as I’m walking away
I’m full of regret
if only you knew




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