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Big idea

I think my sharing session went well because everyone listened and said they learned something

What went well was the fact that gen and I were both prepared and knew our info so it went smoothly.

What I could improve for next time is our presentation, although we knew our info our presentation was a bit rushed.

The most interesting thing I learnt was that Australia has the biggest and most powerful satellite dish in the Southern Hemisphere.

I used my investigation time very well and found out a far bit of info.


In big idea we have been looking at the my story part of my story our story.

On Friday miss Sadler asked if I was proud to hand in my project but the truth is I probably never would be. My family history is quite boring and simple. My family can’t remember that much no matter who I ask.

I have done a family tree going back to my great great great grand parents and the only interesting thing that I found was that my great great grandparents came from England.

I got my info from a disc that my grandfathers sister made about our family tree

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