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Current issues


Some 21,000 children die every day around the world. That is equivalent to: 1 child dying every 4 seconds 14 children dying every minute Yet this story does not make it into headlines in new papers. These issues only surface when there are global meetings. I think this is an issue because without the world […]

Mission Day


So yesterday St Therese had their mission day. For any one who doesn’t know what that is it’s when the year 5/6s get into groups and create a stall. Then on the day the rest own the school had walk around looking and buying at the stalls. The stalls range from food to party games. […]

Australia and space


How my big idea relates to R.E My big idea doesn’t really relate but if it does it’s not in a good way. We are spending to much money on space research and trying to find a new planet to live on and not enough on world poverty. This reminded me of an article I […]


Madeleine Bernadette nee Doyle Mitchell is currently 56 years old and living in Torquay with my grandpa Paul Mitchell. Her current occupation is a babysitter for a number of family’s. Madeleine is the oldest of 10 siblings, 3 girls and 7 boys. Unfortunately one of them died in the first year of their life. Her […]

Text Analysis


“Who Says” I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else, hey [Verse 1] You made me insecure, Told me I wasn’t good enough. But who are you to judge When you’re a diamond in the rough? I’m sure you got some things You’d like to change about yourself. But when it comes to me I wouldn’t want […]



THE VOLUNTEERS OF DON BOSCO 1. The Volunteers of Don Bosco is a Institute for women only. It was founded in Turin, Italy in 1917 by the young women who attended the Salesian Sisters chapel. Today there are approximately 1,500 women who are Volunteers of Don Bosco. They live the vows of poverty, chastity and […]



The rain pelted my head as I stood on the rubber platform, leaning out as car as my cable would let me. I gulped at the 25 meter drop and hastily retreated to the tree that was holding the platform up. I edged along pulling my metal cable along the wire. I watched people jump […]



Today on my blog I completed and posted my 100 word challenge involving the words Melbourne, crash, formula one and racing. I also watched the btn video and posted a comment.

100 word challenge


Moonstone!, moonstone!, moonstone!, the crowd shouted my name over and over. I knew they all wanted me to win my 8th race in Melbourne. As I climbed into my car, the wolf on the side court my eye, courage surged through me and I sat a little straighter in my seat. Little did I know that this […]



Today i updated my profile picture, deleted some thing of my writing page, added phptos to my photo page and I added a page.

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