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Mission Day


So yesterday St Therese had their mission day. For any one who doesn’t know what that is it’s when the year 5/6s get into groups and create a stall. Then on the day the rest own the school had walk around looking and buying at the stalls. The stalls range from food to party games. Any way, the objective of the day is to raise the most money we can. The money we raise goes to children in Vietnam to provide them with clothes and education. My group (gen and I) ran I stall called H.G nails. We did people nails. I’d like to shout out to Riley Lewis and Sheldon Bourke, the only boys who’d got their nails done. My favorite part was knowing that the money we raise helps people and the looks on kids faces when the were having fun. The fact that we raised around four thousand dollars is awesome. Next time I think I would help out in the clean up more so I wasn’t leaving it to other people. Catholics help others because of a message sent by Jesus. Help others and others will help you. Also the message from St Theresa which says it’s the little things that matter.

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