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Madeleine Bernadette nee Doyle Mitchell is currently 56 years old and living in Torquay with my grandpa Paul Mitchell. Her current occupation is a babysitter for a number of family’s. Madeleine is the oldest of 10 siblings, 3 girls and 7 boys. Unfortunately one of them died in the first year of their life. Her […]

Text Analysis


“Who Says” I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else, hey [Verse 1] You made me insecure, Told me I wasn’t good enough. But who are you to judge When you’re a diamond in the rough? I’m sure you got some things You’d like to change about yourself. But when it comes to me I wouldn’t want […]



THE VOLUNTEERS OF DON BOSCO 1. The Volunteers of Don Bosco is a Institute for women only. It was founded in Turin, Italy in 1917 by the young women who attended the Salesian Sisters chapel. Today there are approximately 1,500 women who are Volunteers of Don Bosco. They live the vows of poverty, chastity and […]

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